Details for Discover Workshop

1) Double diamond
- Introduction  (10mins: Lecture)
2) People problem
- What is a people problem? (10mins: Lecture)

—10 Mins break—

3) Research
- Market research (10mins: Lecture)
- User research, surveys and interviews (10mins: Lecture and 25mins: Brainstorming Activity)


22 August 2022, Monday

8pm - 9.30pm SGT

Conducted on Zoom


Cheryl Low

Co-founder, Scratchbac

• Design Lead for product design, UI/UX and marketing.

Scratchbac is a new GeoSocial Media platform that makes it easy to form meaningful connections, within reach.


Free of charge :)

Frequently Asked Questions
How will the workshop be conducted?

The workshop will be conducted via a mix of lectures, activities and sharing to allow more interactivity with the trainers and participants.

Do I have to download Figma?

All participants required to have a Figma account for the worksop and encouraged to have Figma desktop installed for an optimal workshop experience.