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To nurture the next generation of women-in-technology by providing a platform for Growth, Learning and Diversity.




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Tech Impact

What is Tech Impact?

The Tech Impact arm provides learning opportunities for those who wish to step foot to or upskill themselves in a specific IT field via workshops, bootcamps and curated learning resources.

Base Camps

Hands-on, skill-based, one-off Workshops powered by Tech For She, and/or a partner of Tech For She. The program offers hands-on exercises and networking session with expert partners and is conducted by Skill Training Experts from Tech For She and TFS's partners

Examples: Python Base Camp, Docker & Kubernetes Base Camp, Object-Oriented Programming in Python Base Camp, Figma Base Camp w/ Friends of Figma

Learning Pit Stop

UX/UI Learning Pitstop 2020

In partnership with Tableau.
In this 8-week free-for-community learning sprint, participants developed essential industry-ready
skills thorugh interactive, hands-on mini projects in UI/UX. Our Learning Pitstop included:
A guided learning curriculum by our design curriculum managers
Work in small, agile groups of 2-4 members
Mentorship and guidance by Design Whizzes

Participants had to have a prior baseline understanding of UX design, as well as pass a short entrance test.

Social Impact

What is Social Impact?

The Social Impact arm serves as a champion for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace by organising initiatives and workshops that aims to raise awareness of how one can identify biases, limiting beliefs or behaviours that may hinder inclusivity in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

As part of the Social Impact arm’s aim to promote diversity and inclusion, various workshops were hence organised to help uncover the underlying causes of existing diversity and inclusion issues present in local workplaces. An interactive workshop, participants would be guided in exploring their personal self-limiting beliefs, as well as how to identifying unconscious biases that poses challenges to marginalised groups in the workplace.  

In 2021, two workshops were also organised in partnership with the communities Data + Women and Asian Startup Network.

Tech For She x DATA+WOMEN | IWD 2021 Workshop 
In this 2-part virtual event, Tech For She and DATA+WOMEN collaborated to facilitate a Conscious Spaces Session and Speed Mentoring Session featuring an impressive line-up of women leaders from Tableau, Visa, JP Morgan and more. Participants were able to learn strategies to manage potential unconscious biases in the workplace and challenge self-limiting beliefs, and subsequently be inspired by female role models on topics related to career progression, personal branding and work-life balance.

Tech For She x Asian Startup Network | Allyship & Inclusion Workshop 
In this 2 hour virtual workshop customised towards a startup audience, an interactive session exploring different ways in which startups and organisations could help to establish inclusivity in their workplace was conducted. Participants were guided through the benefits of diversity, how individuals could do their part to create a psychologically safe space for all at work, and different ways to establish a support system for teams and employees through allyship.

Safe Spaces

An initiative aimed at providing an intimate community for discussion about sensitive topics, Safe Spaces comprises of both community discussions and a chatroom to facilitate anonymous sharing.  

Safe Spaces Workshops
A series of virtual workshops conducted to explore different personal topics, such as workplace anxieties during the pandemic, financial literacy and more, Safe Spaces workshop serves to provide a platform for all interested to share freely about their personal experiences or woes, and seek advice from fellow peers or subject experts.  

Safe Spaces Chatroom  
An anonymous chatroom created on Telegram, the Safe Spaces Chatroom is open to anyone to join, and provides a platform for all individuals to share without judgment. Members of the chatroom are free to discuss about anything, ranging from personal problems, to latest movies, to seeking advice.   For those interested, join the Safe Spaces Chatroom here:

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