Tech Impact

What is Tech Impact?
  • Tech Impact provides learning opportunities for students and working professionals who wish to step foot to, or up-skill themselves in Data Analytics and UIUX Design by providing an environment that encourages self-initiatived and active learning. Since our inception, we have build a strong community of mentors, along with a program and curriculum suite that caters to both beginner and intermediate learners. We consistently deliver relevant and practical content so that learners can bring their technical competencies to the next level.
Data Analytics Track
Introduction to Data Analytics & Visualisation Workshop

This workshop introduces beginners to the fundamental concepts of data analytics. You will learn about project lifecycles, the difference between data analytics, data science, and machine learning; building an analytics framework, and using analytics tools to draw business insights.

Introduction to Python for Data Analytics Base Camp

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to get a better understanding of Python as well as learning the basics of Python.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the foundations to be able to write programs using common structures. By the end of this workshop, you will get a further understanding of Python and its relevance in the programming world for IT roles. Our workshop will be conducted with interactive exercises to enable participants to learn with ease.

This workshop will be conducted completely online, hence requiring a computer and strong internet connection. This workshop is specially curated for beginners, no previous exposure to programming is needed.

Introduction to Data Visualisation with Tableau Base Camp

This workshop is for beginners who like to know more about Tableau and data storytelling.

This workshop introduces beginners to the fundamental concepts of  data visualisation and the various kinds of dashboards used in companies. You’ll learn about the various features in Tableau and incorporate them into your tool-kit to create effective dashboards.

Design Track
Introduction to UI/UX Design Workshop

This introductory class will introduce the basics of UI/UX. With our Tech For She design team, expand your fundamental understanding of Design, and how to elevate it to be user-centric. Our workshop will cover the following topics:

1. The design thinking process
2. Intro to user research and interviews
3. Experience a bite-sized Design Thinking activity
4. Learn how to consolidate User Research through an affinity mapping activity