Details for Design Workshop

Visual Design Principles
- What is a mental model (10 Mins, Brainstorming Activity)
- Contrast, Repetition, Alignment & Proximity (20 mins Lecture + Mentimeter)

——10 Mins break——--

- Figma Design Walkthrough and groups of 8 each → Friends of Figma style (60 minutes)


25 November 2022, Friday

8pm - 9.30pm SGT

Conducted on Zoom


Rachel Chong

Product Designer, Lendlease

Rachel Chong is a UX designer with a background in Psychology and Education.

Her passion in design comes from how she enjoys learning about people's goals and desires and helping them solve problems to make life easy. Her strong background in research, communication and understanding human behaviour drives this passion in exploring how design shapes behaviour.

Having transitioned into UX Design, she is passionate about making upskilling accessible to everyone.

For her day job, she works at Lendlease as a Product Designer.


Free of charge :)

Frequently Asked Questions
How will the workshop be conducted?

The workshop will be conducted via a mix of lectures, activities and sharing to allow more interactivity with the trainers and participants.

Do I have to download Figma?

All participants required to have a Figma account for the worksop and encouraged to have Figma desktop installed for an optimal workshop experience.