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Our 3 Priorities for Tech For She


Learning Curve

We cater our "Learning-as-a-Service" Programmes in Tech (Blockchain, Design and Data Analytics focus) to women based on their current Learning levels and break down the misconception that tech is exclusively only for programmers, developers and engineers - everyone and anyone can join tech. We envision a sustainable Learning Cycle of peers who have "levelled up" to give them to their peers who are still learning.



With the array of skill sets our growing community has - varying from design to Code to Data - play an active role in one of the many peer-led of SME-partnered projects we have,  sharing your skills while learning alongside subject matter experts. Not just taking free lesson,  we will work together in this community to define a curriculum, co-creating something bigger than ourselves.


Form Bonds,
Give Back

It's not all just work and tech - we are incredibly passionate about giving back to the community too. Now 600-member strong, we make sure that every girl feels a sense of belonging and purpose in this tribe by ensuring we have regular meet-ups, community chats, and to work on Social Impact programmes together to see how we can use tech to give back to the underserved.

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Tech Impact

Projects & Showcases 2020

Impact Summit

Project Marcoll

Participants were able to assist Marcoll.io in creating user flows and UXUI Design Prototypes.

Learning Pitstop

Predicting Hotel Bookings

Participants predicted hotel booking cancellations using Classification Techniques under Data Analytics.

Learning Pitstop

Visualising E-Commerce User Behaviours

Our goal is to extract business insights about customer acquisition, retention and conversion on an e-commerce website.